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Party Tent Rentals in New England

A party canopy or tent can add a whole new dimension to your outdoor events. In addition to protecting your guests from the elements, you can combine our tents with a variety of specialty lighting that are designed to set the atmosphere you’re looking for.

Let the experts at Pyramid Entertainment help you find the right tent and lighting for your next event. You’ll find our professional approach will help you make your next outdoor event a successful one. We offer one of the best Wedding & Party Tent Rentals in the area.

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Table Rentals

Pyramid can also provide you with tables and linens for your event. Let us take care of all the details!

  • Table - Wedding Design 1
  • Table - Wedding Design 2
  • Table - Wedding Design 3

Inflatable Rentals

We have everything you need for your event, including carnival games, popcorn machines and even water inflatable slides! You will be the hit of your neighborhood with our event entertainment jumpers and bouncers. With safety being our #1 priority, we pride ourselves on having the cleanest rentals that are certified inspected to ensure that our equipment is safe and properly maintained!

At Pyramid, we bring the bounce to your home. Your guests will love sliding, bouncing and playing in our wonderful inflatables. Keeping in line with our company goal of the highest quality service and jumper options in the industry, our friendly staff is passionate about providing each customer with unmatched service and flexible scheduling policies. We guarantee complete customer satisfaction, smiles for miles and a fun-filled event with our interactive games, slides, inflatable obstacle courses, and food machines!

  • Inflatable - Human Bowling Human Bowling
  • Inflatable - Gladiator Joust Gladiator Joust
  • Inflatable - Gladiator Joust Gladiator Joust
  • Inflatable - Basketball Hoops Basketball Hoops
  • Inflatable - Iron Man Iron Man
  • Inflatable - Speed Pitch Speed Pitch
  • Inflatable - Slide Slide
  • Inflatable - Water Slide Water Slide
  • Inflatable - Bungee Run Bungee Run

Edith & Eddie the runaway Elves

Edith & Eddie the runaway elves

Edith & Eddie were working in Santa’s workshop making so many toys that they got restless, so one day when they had a break from the toy department, they said to each other “how about you and I take Santa’s sleigh and go for a ride.”

Edith said to Eddie that would be great, but only one thing, Santa will know that the reindeer will be missing. Eddie thought for a minute and came up with a great idea, how about we put a battery in Santa’s sleigh and get it to fly. So they did, well the battery operated sleigh worked so well that they were able to fly anywhere in the world.

So now you can see Edith & Eddie, they will be passing out candy and also flyers from the stores.

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